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Do You Want to feel your Best in your mind, body, and soul? Seeking to connect to God again? HITR Wellness, or Hottest in the Room, wants for you to feel empowered to be that person!

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Founded in San Francisco in 2015, we believe in living a life full of joy, wellness, and good health. These beliefs re-affirm our core mission to provide healthy, natural products and services that will help our clients improve their lifestyle in more ways than one.

At HITR Wellness we seek to empower the community through lifestyle elevation enhancements. With over 5 years as a coach Eme Jamilah has empowered people with different tools to to change their lives- relationships, business, love, and health.

So Let’s take a wild trip together to activate your gifts. It’s worth the ride! Founded on Jesus Christ, HITR Wellness aims to connect you to your God-given glow. 


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